Nature & Primitive Technology

Being part of this youth exchange was a great Non-formal learning experience to some of what someone knows as "stretching zone".
For those who don't know, this zone figuratively indicates situations in which we are outside our comfort life, those that challenge us and most effectively facilitates to learn new abilities and skills.  (This is one of the many gifts of knowledge I brought home).
We had a big opportunity to become part of an intercultural family: sharing and helping each other in order to understand day-by-day what it means to build a community of people with different habits, needs and backgrounds.
This was not supposed to be a holiday, but rather something closer to a collaborative team-building job and a challenge for everyone to put the effort to exit personal comfort zone, which is apparently not so easy for everyone nowadays.
During the exchange, we learnt that not complaining, but taking action and solving personal issues is the best solution to let the community grow up.
Unfortunately not everybody was ready to take action and to forget comforts, but most of the people were, and thanks to them we could enjoy and treasure the experience.
We had fun planning life without any technology and imaginary futures with specific problems to solve, learning not to say no, neither but, just yes!, experiencing adventure and meditation in nature, to be thankful for its silent, restoring and free beauty, sharing dreams and plans for the future.
Waiting to next exchanges, I suggest to everybody to give a try to this amazing opportunity.
I´m grateful to the Association Oriel for giving me this chance and also to the Progetto Giovani Padova, that shared this opportunity in its social medias.

A. Favaron

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