Sillian Ferrari is the president of Oriel; he has a strong passion for international cooperation and foreign languages in fact he can speak Italian, Spanish, German, French and English.

In 2011-2012 he lived one year in Perú, in the shanty town of Huaycán (a suburb of Lima) working as a “white helmet” on behalf of the Italian NGO C.P.S..

During the year in Perú he deal with several tasks such as working in a hospital as a nurse aide, helping people by teaching them Italian or English, managing a microcredit program for women, taking part in projects related with children and health care, supporting programs about protection of the environment.

All of this gave him a high motivation for keeping the path of working with developing countries, due of the fact that he has seen how much needs they still got.

After coming back to Europe, he get acquainted with the “Youth in Action” program and saw the opportunities it can be offered so he took part on several youth exchange and training courses related to his fields of interest.

At the end of 2012 he moved to Germany in order to learn the language and at the beginning of September 2013 he started a traineeship as a nurse in a hospital.

During these years, he was an active member of the organization Foundaction (Italy) and afterwards of Cicla ULM (Germany), keeping his interest in the international cooperation. In October 2017 he achieved his dream to found his own organization: Oriel association.

Francesco Bugnola  completed his studies in the economic sector and worked for some companies around the area of Verona.

His interests comprise nature, permaculture, literature, philosophy and poetry.

After some time spent thinking about what is important for him he decided to dedicate a piece of his life to voluntarism: his first experience was in Poland where he was involve in a project (EVS) with kids and disabled people in schools.

Now he took on an active role within Oriel because he would like to contribute to make this world more united and connected. He is firmly convinced that international mobility is a perfect opportunity to reach this goal.

Manuel Berto graduated in Visual Arts in 2016 in the Accademy of Fine Arts G.B: Cignaroli, Verona, where he developed his artistic knowledge and learned photo & video editing skills.

During that period he attended a couple of youth exchanges that have triggered a world of new learning opportunities in international mobility.

Later on, he continued to attend training courses and joined a 7 months EVS in Sighisoara, Romania, focused mostly on event planning.

Currently, he's observing and studying new social media trends and open source technologies.

Furthermore, he's attracted by the theme of sustainability, both on a social level and on an environmental one. The Erasmus+ context is a great opportunity to develop his background and keep updated on how society is changing.

Giulia Ucciero, graduated in Languages for Intercultural and Business Communication.

She has recently attended a Master in European Project Planning and Management in order to improve her knowledge in Erasmus Plus to start writing Erasmus project.

Meanwhile, she participated in several Youth Exchange and Training Course, which taught her the importance of sharing our culture and learning from others.

Which is why she chose to write her university thesis about the European identity in Erasmus projects, as she believes Erasmus is an “antidote” against prejudices, which helps to go beyond borders and to expand our cultural background.

Indeed, during her studies, she has lived and worked abroad to improve her fluency of French, English and Spanish.

Deonisie Zupcu, 31 years old, Oriel association´s accountant.

Graduated from the University of Verona with a master´s degree in Banking and Finance, which allowed to improve his knowledge about financial matters and to make his dream come true.

He´s currently working on a financial loan company in Verona and

he´s happy and confident of taking part in Oriel association.

His hobbies are reading, playing football (a great way to build discipline and learning how important teamwork is) and sharing experiences.


Giulia Nichele graduated in Tourism sector in Verona.

She worked for some hotels as a receptionist.

She started her experience abroad with cultural exchanges and one Erasmus + project in Latvia after high school where she had important and useful possibilities to grow personally and, at the same time, to cultivate her strong passion for traveling. After these experiences she has been in almost all Europe for knowing and discovering the beauty and diversity of each country that she saw.

In 2018 she started to collaborate into the voluntary world where she did a training course and a youth exchange for Oriel organization.

In this way she combined her passion with the concrete possibility to help and stay with other people.

Elena Sofia Ferrari

(Web designer & Podcaster)

travels since she was a baby, has been to 34 different countries in 3 continents, and lived in 7 of them to study and/or work.

With an academic history that comprises arts, humanities, and science at the same time,  she keeps a curious attitude, which led her to participate to several different Erasmus+ projects with Oriel Association.

Passionate about  street art and contemporary art, especially environmental art, she shares and promotes the association's ideals of sustenaible lifestyle in her daily life.

In particular, her role within Oriel consists in maintenance and content creation for the website, as well as writing and recording Visual Travel telling  episodes within Orielcast, the podcast of the association.