Sillian Ferrari (president) graduated as Business Administrator and Foreign Language Expert is the founder of Oriel; he has a strong passion for international cooperation and foreign languages in fact he can speak Italian, Spanish, German, French, Portoguese and English.


In 2011-2012 he lived one year in Perú, in the shanty town of Huaycán (a suburb of Lima) working as a “white helmet” on behalf of the Italian NGO C.P.S.. During the year in Perú he deal with several tasks such as working in a hospital as a nurse aide, helping people by teaching them Italian or English, managing a microcredit program for women, taking part in projects related with children and health care, supporting programs about protection of the environment. All of this gave him a high motivation for keeping the path of working with developing countries, due of the fact that he has seen how much needs they still got. After coming back to Europe, he get acquainted with the “Youth in Action” program and saw the opportunities it can be offered so he took part on several youth exchange and training courses related to his fields of interest. At the end of 2012 he moved to Germany in order to learn the language and at the beginning of September 2013 he started a traineeship (german Ausbildung) as a nurse in the hospital Universitätsklinikum in Freiburg im Breisgau, that lasted until march 2018. During these years, he was an active member of the organization Foundaction (Italy) and afterwards of Cicla ULM (Germany), keeping his interest in the international cooperation. In October 2017 he achieved his dream to found his own organization: Oriel association. Now is active a project manager, facilitator and trainer. He´s in the board of the Italian Network Europiamo ETS in which he´s in care of the area of best practices. 

Francesco Bugnola  completed his studies in the economic sector and worked for some companies around the area of Verona.

His interests comprise nature, permaculture, literature, philosophy and poetry.




After some time spent thinking about what is important for him he decided to dedicate a piece of his life to voluntarism: his first experience was in Poland where he was involve in a project (EVS) with kids and disabled people in schools.

Now he took on an active role within Oriel because he would like to contribute to make this world more united and connected.                                                       

He is firmly convinced that international mobility is a perfect opportunity to reach this goal.

Giulia Ucciero, graduated in Languages for Intercultural and Business Communication.

She has recently attended a Master in European Project Planning and Management in order to improve her knowledge in Erasmus Plus to start writing Erasmus project.



Meanwhile, she participated in several Youth Exchange and Training Course, which taught her the importance of sharing our culture and learning from others.

Which is why she chose to write her university thesis about the European identity in Erasmus projects, as she believes Erasmus is an “antidote” against prejudices, which helps to go beyond borders and to expand our cultural background.

Indeed, during her studies, she has lived and worked abroad to improve her fluency of French, English and Spanish.

Giulia Nichele (counselor) graduated in Tourism sector in Verona. She worked for some hotels as a receptionist. She started her experience abroad with cultural exchanges and one Erasmus + project in Latvia after high school where she had important and useful possibilities to grow personally and, at the same time, to cultivate her strong passion for traveling.       After these experiences she has been in almost all Europe for knowing and discovering the beauty and diversity of each country that she saw. In 2018 she started to collaborate into the voluntary world where she did a training course and a youth exchange for  Oriel organization. In this way she combined her passion with the concrete possibility to help and stay with other people.

Eleonora Miotti (counselor) is a young law student with a strong passion for travel, International and EU law and Human rights.

Despite her young age, she has already participated in several initiatives in the field of volunteering, even at the international level, and she is also very active in the local community.

From 2005 to 2013 she studied piano taking part in several competitions and currently puts this talent of hers at the service of the community by playing in the church choir. Since 2016 she has also been part of the musical group "HeArt" of which she is the keyboardist.



In June 2014 she leaves for Perù where, for two months she teaches math, physics and English at the after-school program of the Casa Naturista Peruano Italiana "Anna Margottini", located in the shantytown of Huaycan, as a volunteer. Thanks to this experience she learns the Spanish language that she now speaks fluently. The same year she serves at the Community of Sant'Egidio in Rome where she helps several homeless people by providing them with aid and hot meals.  

In 2016 she obtained her high school diploma and enrolled at the University of Padua where she studies Law at the Bo Palace. Here she comes in contact with international law, which perfectly combines her passion for travel and volunteering.  

In 2017, she  joins the “Avis” board of her town of residence. Thanks to “Oriel” association, with which she gets in contact in 2019, she was able to deepen these issues and broaden her horizons by participating in several European projects in Estonia, Georgia and Austria.  


In 2020 she officially joins “Oriel” and “Europiamo ETS” board. In the former she has the role of advisor, while in the latter, in addition to representing Oriel, she is responsible for the management of K3 for European Youth Goals and she is also a Young Italian Ambassador.

Pietro Fraccaroli (counselor), worked in many fields as employee, technician, representative, worker.

After some university experiences in Milan and Padua, he graduated in Verona as “superior technician for infomobility and logistical infrastructures” at ITS LAST institute.

Later he moved to Freiburg im Breisgau in order to take German language courses.

Back in Italy in 2016 he collaborated with a company of the DB Schenker group for 4 years: first as an operative in various departments, then as IT Specialist and later as IT Supervisor.


He currently works as a Road Logistics Systems Specialist for Kuehne + Nagel.

His hobbies include acting, traveling and walking in nature, among animals.


He sees Oriel and the possibilities that the association can give to young people with extreme enthusiasm and, with his experience in project management, makes a decisive contribution to the development of our projects.

Nour el houda Boulaghzalate (counselor) is a Moroccan-Italian master's student in languages for international business, in Verona (Italy).

She did a a part of her studies in Granada, Spain and participated to different international conferences and projects around the world which aim to promote tolerance, awareness and constructive dialogue.




She working as a professor assistant and she's a member of the executive board of Oriel Association.


She can talk also five languages: Italian, Arabic, English, French and Spanish.