Here you can get to know our ESC volunteers, who are/were doing the ESC abroad.

Let´s find out who they are.

Diletta Lucchini


Don't go for an EVS.

My name is Diletta, I am 28 years old and in 2019 I graduated in law. The years spent on the books were hard years, full of sacrifices but still happy and full of hopes for the future.

The day of my graduation I thought I had finished, that I was ready to enter the fateful "world of work".

However, the post-graduate scenario was not very encouraging, on the contrary it was marked by negative responses to the hundreds of CVs sent to various parts of Italy.

"you lack the experience".

This is the essence of any refusal.

But, as the saying goes, not all evils come to harm.

I had never heard before about the possibility offered by Europe to leave with the European solidarity corps and it was only thanks to a dear friend (who has been back in Romania for a year as a volunteer) that I learned about the infinite opportunities that the EU offers available to us young people (no jokes, I'm 28,

I'm still young!).

I said to myself "why not? I have nothing to lose".

 So at the end of January while I was scrolling (not too full of expectations) the various calls of associations, I am

stumbled upon a project that seemed to be done exactly for me.

A little skeptical, I decided to contact the MjC of Flers (cultural association) who welcomed my application and asked me to leave within a couple of weeks.

On February 18, leaning on Oriel's friends whose professionalism I had already experienced by participating in an Erasmus plus in Germany, I took my luggage full of sweaters to cope with the harsh Normandy climate and boarded an AirFrance flight .

After 6 hours of travel I got off the train and my first thought was: WHERE DID I GO ?!

Dark, cold, rain .... Is it the set of a horror movie?

Needless to say, I spent the first night crying (realizing only the next day that in reality part of my emotion was due to a sleep deprivation that had lasted for 36 hours upon arrival) in front of the impassive eyes of my roommate , a Spanish girl, Carolina, also a volunteer at the MJC.

Initially, I admit, I had mistaken his being impassive for total disinterest. Never was what was more wrong: she was simply not experiencing anything new, they were the same sensations she experienced on her arrival in France, for which she had decided to adopt the line of "let it vent" and for this I thank her again.

My adventure therefore begins in tears, but as the days went by, I felt more and more that I was in the right place.

Living together with Carolina turns out to be the most natural thing that exists, the association and the people who make it up are fantastic and unexpectedly I quickly learn French too!

Certainly Covid has put a spoke in the wheel, depriving me of so many sensations that I should have, that I would have wanted, to experience. But being surrounded by positive people like the ones I was lucky enough to meet, including Yvette and Alain, a retired couple who became my "French parents", made it easier.

Of course, experiencing the lockdown away from home was strange, especially because of the feeling of uncertainty, but to be honest, I can't say I was bad.

My memories related to this situation are peaceful, despite the months closed at home.

Without realizing it, on August 17th I was back with my huge luggage, at the Flers train station, exactly as I had arrived: in tears.

Saying goodbye to everyone was unexpectedly intense (I've never been a very sentimental person) but made us feel less alone about the promise to meet again as soon as possible.

This is why I tell you, don't go for an Evs if you don't want to grow enormously, meet people you will miss every day once finished, learn a new language without realizing and effortlessly, have the famous "experience" I was talking about at the beginning and feel like new people. Here, do not leave if you are not willing to change, to become better people, to become truly European.

Elena Sofia Ferrari


traveling since she was a child,

She visited 34 different states on 3 continents and lived in 7 of these countries for study or work.

With an academic background that is both artistic, humanistic and scientific, she maintains an attitude of constant curiosity that has led her to participate in several Erasmus + projects with the Oriel Association and is now in Iceland for an ESC.



She´s passionate about street art and contemporary art, especially environmental art, she shares and promotes the association's ideals of sustainable life in everyday life.



Hi everyone, I am Lea Dalla Rosa and I come from Verona (Italy).

This year, after finishing high school, I decided to start with a European voluntary service project and now I am in Germany in Leipzig ...



And if you want to know more, listen to my interview on the podcast :)




Edoardo Miliani


I am a young graduate in International Politics and Market, a course which

analyzes the international context from an economic perspective.


Among my key achievements there are the obtainment of an Erasmus Scholarship in 2016, and internship experiences in the culture, trade and public sector.

During these periods, I notably improved inter alia my project

management, communication, problem solving, IT and language skills, being often part of international teams in which I learned a lot not only from my supervisors, but also from my colleagues.

I have been committed in the creation of business plans, in the realization of market researches, and moreover in the organization of events aimed at diffusing Italian culture and products abroad.

This has been accompanied by the writing of articles (;; ) for the websites of the institutions where I worked. Concerning these 2 things, i had the possibility to unit work with passion. As a matter of fact among my passions there are writing (essays and poetries) and modern art. Some of the poetries I wrote have been translated in english.

Other 2 among my interests are photography and cinema, passions that I probably inherited from my father, a video maker.

In any of my past adventures, my companions exalted my cooking talent: good food is for me something necessary to live a good life, and each day, including the days that now I am passing as a volunteer in Sokolowsko, I invent new recipes, trying to bring some of the Italian sun in the polish mountains.


My name is Claudia, I left for Berlin in mid-February 2020 and my experience as a volunteer is reaching its point of arrival. Like all those who started with the European Solidarity Corps in the past year, I lived my project with the limitations of the case but, not for this, it was not an excellent opportunity to finally live abroad, meet new cultures (not only the German one, indeed, perhaps the Germans in Berlin are the ones missing) and grow personally.


I am a volunteer at Cabuwazi-Social Circus, yes, exactly, "Circus", because it is in a circus that I found myself working! I faced a reality that I had never known in Italy, that of a "social circus". It is a place where children and young people practice circus disciplines such as acrobatics, juggling, trapeze, rope walking and other subjects that I was completely unaware of such as the Kugel, that sphere on which you walk, and the Rhönrad or German wheel, that kind of wheel. of the hamster in which you are hanging and spinning. Of course, I guess something might sound strange, the nice thing is that here, however, everything is ordinary!

I also participated in organized activities with the children of the refugee camps .. a charge of energy as I have seen few! And even here, I was able to face situations that seem distant to us.

In all this situation of closure and restrictions, even if with difficulty, I managed to take part in language courses, as I believe that the possibility of communicating with local people is one of the first and fundamental means of integration. Also, I started my first theater course for other volunteers like me! I was therefore able to put my knowledge into practice and, even if in a small way, to build something of my own!

So, despite pandemic events, following what for me is a philosophy of life, I have worked to make the most of these months in Berlin and I will certainly finish my project with greater awareness and personal openness than when I arrived.

And of course I always thank Oriel for their unfailing support!