The European Erasmus+ program provides training opportunities for young workers (youth workers), i.e. all those working in the youth sector as animators, trainers and leaders.



What are the International Training Courses?

These are projects that promote the mobility of youth workers, intercultural learning, active participation and European citizenship, through projects of short duration, sharing of good practices and exchange of ideas between young people from different European countries and beyond. They are financed by the Erasmus + Community Program. Discovering a new destination, meet other cultures, realities and associations, you can learn from each other and deepen similarities and differences between their cultures and their professional or volunteer paths, enriching their cultural baggage.This type of experience serves to combating prejudices and negative stereotypes that unfortunately too often we have towards other cultures, providing as a basic tool the dialogue and the open exchange between all the participants thanks to creative and interactive workshops. In an international training course, a diverse group of young people from different backgrounds and countries, sharing the possibility for youth work, have the opportunity to meet, discuss and discuss different topics and levels, as well as to gain knowledge about their respective countries and cultural contexts, all referring to the methods of non-formal learning. You live in the same structure and carry out joint activities, with different themes depending on the type of project and host organization. You can create sports, artistic, ecological, training (creative or practical workshops, volunteer camps, language courses), recreational (visits to cities, excursions, knowledge of different uses and cultures), etc.



From 2 to 21 days, excluding travel time.


Who can participate

Youth workers of all ages can participate, regardless of age limits, who are legally resident in one of the countries participating in the "Erasmus +" program.



Minimum age 18 years

Intermediate knowledge of a foreign language (almost always English)

Interest in the theme of the project or previous experience in the field of youth work



The activity must take place in the country of one of the participating organizations.



Participants will be reimbursed part of the travel costs, from their place of origin to the place of business and back, based on travel distances.

Food and accomodation are covered by the project.


It is however necessary to keep all the travel documents to be delivered in original form to the organizing association of the international training course.



Each participant is entitled to receive a "Youthpass" certificate, which describes and validates the non-formal and informal learning experience and the results obtained during the project (learning outcomes).