Name of the project: “Young Researchers for Science”

Theme: environment, education, science

Who: 6 Participants aged 18-30 send from us of Oriel

Where: Tartu, Estonia

When: 5-8 July (APV) preliminary visit

            22-30 September 2018 (Cultural Exchange)

Participating countries: Italy, Estonia, Hungary, Portugal and Czech Republic


Description of the project

The "Young Researchers for Science" cultural exchange project is a project that will take place in September 2018 (with a preliminary visit to July 2018) focusing on science as knowledge and power and its applicability in everyday life and above all in environmental reality.

The main objective of the project is to provide young people with the tools and scientific knowledge to develop both critical thinking through scientific literacy and to raise awareness about the surrounding environment, learning to process and analyze in a way more scientific topics such as air, water, recycling and pollution.



Through intercultural workshops, recreational activities and scientific experiments, participants will be able to increase their knowledge and knowledge, giving life to real laboratories to be presented at the Researchers' Night Festival 2018.



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Dissemination after the project:

Short articles about what happened:

In the geographical, cultural and scientific Centre of Estonia, Tartu, I had an amazing Youth Exchange. In the role of young researchers, we partecipants faced environmental issues with no formal education methods, in concurrence with the European Researchers' Night Festival. Everything matched: our accommodation was an hostel with a strong ecological setting; the activities took place in a big, magic, exciting, wonderful Science Centre, the AHHAA; the spirit of the group has been very coherent and compliant with the topic. We had a lot of activities, but I really enjoyed our main task. Split in 5 groups of 6 people each, we had to present activities, workshop, games, shows and whatever else to local people inside the AHHAA Centre during the Researchers' Night. No rules except one imperative: teach, communicate, transmit, give informations about environment in a way that is funny and interactive. The results have been very very nice, but more excinting than the results for me has been the course and the group work: organizing, sharing, learning, thinking, creating, trying, failing and trying again. How often happens in Youth Exchange, when you have an interested, heterogeneous, willing group, everyone gives his small contribution but everyone gets and adsorbs much more than the sum of the addends. I can't say how much I have learned because I am still collecting the fruits. For sure this experience have changed me in the deep, in my consciousness regarding the world around me and the important, fundamental role of each one of us in preserving the Nature. Moreover, I have found the confirmation of how big can be the impact of the Communication of Science in collective awareness. I want to thank with Oriel and MTU Noored Maailma, my sending and hosting Associations; with AHHAA Centre and his people for support, kindness and hospitality; with all the friends I have found. - 

Vincenzo Coppola


After the Youth Exchange in Tartu, I supported my interest in science with a course of Italian Red Cross about disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation.

Now I can go to primary schools of my town to convey to children useful behaviours in case of event like earthquake and flood.

The purpose of this action is to make children aware about the environment and the dangers of wrong behaviours.

In this case, the philosophy of #bethefirst could be the awareness about the importance of the place where we live, with its good and bad characteristics. -

Alberto Tortello











Name of the project: “From Lithuania With Love”

Theme: Youth marginalisation, creativity, decision making

Who: 5 participants aged 18-30 send from us of Oriel

Where: Klaipeda, Lituania

When: from the 19th -29th October 2018

Participating countries: Italy, Lithuania, Finland, Romania, Turkey, Bulgaria, Slovenia and Greece


Description of the project

The main objective of the project is to limit this problem through the creation of cartoons, to be used as a tool to express their opinions publicly in a creative way and thus encourage young people to greater inclusion and participation in civic life andin the processes of decision-making.


Objectives of the project

Create and provide an opportunity to formulate and express thoughts and opinions in an artistic and creative way through cartoons and animated drawings

Increase young people's knowledge and participation in decision-making processes for active citizenship

take action against youth marginalization.



Through artistic workshops you will learn the basic techniques for making cartoons. During the project a cartoon/s of 2-4 frames will be realized on different social issues present in our society, in order to express their opinion and attitude and show the social changes we want to take place.

INFOPACK - From Lithuania With Love
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