The association

Oriel was founded in 2017 and is headquartered in the province of Verona, Italy.


Our mission

The association's mission is to promote the active participation of young people in their local communities and give them the chance and tools to make full use of their potential, create opportunities for them to discover their talents and develop their skills. We use non-formal education and intercultural learning methods to achieve this.

For building an ideal peaceful world, we try to establish connections with different organizations around the world that are active in supporting people in different ways (such as teaching them jobs, foreign languages, giving them different learning methods, improving rural areas while maintaining their identity, supporting long-term sustainable development strategies, etc.).
We are also committed to offering volunteer opportunities to our members within our network of partner organizations. We firmly believe that such experience can be a very efficient way to acquire those skills that are often required when the time comes to enter the world of work or, even better, to prepare for professions that do not yet exist. And, of course, to have a better awareness of what is happening in our social fabric and consequently, create the context for taking on a role of active citizenship. Our board is composed entirely of young members between the ages of 20 and 35. A large proportion of them have benefited from the Erasmus+ or International Civil Service program. Choosing to primarily target this sector was therefore intuitive and immediate for us. Our main target group is young people 18-30, who can find numerous Youth Exchange opportunities of which we are a sending partner. During the current year, the first YE in Italy coordinated by us is scheduled (date to be rescheduled due to the Coronavirus crisis). In addition, we have recently been sending organization of 3 Italian volunteers, although the respective ESC projects have been scaled down, again due to the current crisis.Finally, we are partners in many Training Courses accessible to all 18+ and are moving to spread more and more European opportunities in our area.
If through digital channels we have reached participants even in Sardinia, already for more than a year we have been making contacts with the main Eurodesk offices and youth desks with the intention of joining their community information events and presenting our organization from the ground up, thus creating the opportunity to learn about the Erasmus+ world in a direct form, with Q&A (question and answer) sessions and testimonials from previous participants who have left with us.
Also for more than a year now, we have already started to introduce ourselves to local schools (high schools) as well, with the dual purpose of informing them about the Erasmus+ program and compatibly with the context of the meeting, proposing some non-formal education activities learned in our previous projects.


Finally, we would like to emphasize the fact that we were the first entity in Verona to be born with the focus on the Erasmus+ program, in an area that highlights many highs, but unfortunately also dramatic lows. The great industrial progress is not compensated by as many measures against the resulting pollution, the city has in recent times been the scene of unpleasant discriminatory episodes, and finally, net of historical monuments, the area is poor in aggregative opportunities of creative and cultural type, thus undermining the vibrant multiculturalism from which many European cities have benefited, attracting young people, investment and to put it in a holistic tone, great positive energy.