Who we are

Sillian Ferrari



A business expert and foreign language correspondent, he is the founder of Oriel; he has a strong passion for international cooperation and foreign languages, in fact he speaks Italian, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese and English. In 2011-2012 he lived a year in Peru, in the city of Huaycán (a suburb of Lima) working as a "white helmet" on behalf of the Italian NGO C.P.S. During his year in Peru he was involved in different tasks, such as working in a hospital as a nursing assistant, helping people by teaching them Italian or English, managing a microcredit program for women, participating in projects related to children and health care, and supporting environmental protection programs. All this gave him a strong motivation to continue working with developing countries, because he saw how many needs they still have. After returning to Europe, he learned about the Youth in Action program and saw the opportunities it could offer, so he participated in several youth exchanges and trainings related to his fields of interest. At the end of 2012, he moved to Germany to learn the language and at the beginning of September 2013 he started an internship (Ausbildung) as a nurse at the Universitätsklinikum hospital in Freiburg im Breisgau, which until March 2018. During these years, he was an active member of the Foundaction organization (Italy) and later of Cicla ULM (Germany), maintaining his interest in international cooperation. In October 2017, he realized his dream of founding his own organization, Associazione Oriel. He is now active as a project manager, facilitator and trainer. He is on the board of the Italian Europiamo ETS network, where he is in charge of the area of good practices.



Matteo Tessaro



Matteo is a youth worker from Verona with national and international experience, having participated in various Erasmus projects, including training courses, the European Solidarity Corps, and Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs. He has been volunteering since 2020 and is dedicated to fostering intercultural connections and community development.
In his latest European Solidarity Corps project in England, he helped students with digital design and theater methodologies for the 'Creativity Work Preston' association, which provides work-based learning opportunities and individualized lessons using formal and nonformal learning approaches. He strongly believes in Oriel's values and hopes that more and more people will take an interest in and benefit from the opportunities offered by Erasmus.

Evelyn De Luca 



Born in Formia, class of '99, Evelyn de Luca became active at the age of 14, founding a newspaper and continuing to be its director and editor for 6 years. Always interested in journalism, she began working as a freelancer in several Italian newspapers. A volunteer in associations and NGOs for social inclusion, and currently active in politics, she has made reportages in various geographical areas; after winning several national journalistic and literary awards, she earned her bachelor's degree at Sapienza and simultaneously pursued a Harvard graduate program focusing on Cybersecurity and corporate security. Currently a graduate student at the International University of Rome in the master's degree program in "Investigation, Crime and International Security," she has done various types of collaborations and internships in Data Analysis, Anti-Radicalization and Anti-Terrorism Departments, geopolitical journals, Ministry of Interior and think tanks such as Analytica for Intelligence and Security studies; currently working as a cyber risk management analyst. Always socially active and cooperating with various local entities promoting active participation, in Oriel she found a family and a converging point of all her values and joined the association in 2021. Currently, as part of the Executive, she is involved in project management, project writing and facilitation.